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Problem Date: September 14, 2010, I sent an email to Sales Representative, Andy Hall asking him how much I should invest if I only had $10, 000 in my IRA. He told me to start small and I reply “what is small”? He never answered that question. I purchased the Ultimate Traders Package for $1, 500 from Market Traders Institute, Inc. with the hope to make a second income since I am going through a very harsh hardship as a Realtor and Loan officer. The Sales Representative told me that training would pay for it self and that If I was not happy with the training that I can ask to have my $1, 500 refunded, no questions asked. I signed a contract which was never explained in detail for $1, 500 September 9, 2010. I asked a very basic question that was never answered and I decided that if I can not have a simple question answered then I should not continue with a firm with low ethics. The contract does not have an order number and the payment method was going to be in a installments. Pertaining Refunds: Market Traders Institute, Inc. have a very clear and straight forward refund policy that reads: “If you are unsatisfied with the level of service we have shown as it relates to your education package purchase, we”ll completely refund your money within the first 30 days of your purchase.” Andy Hall did not answer a very fundamental question that should have been asked by him to qualify me as a legitimate candidate as a student for Market Traders Institute, Inc. It demonstrates how low this firm is to get sales. I specifically told him that I was going through a harsh hardship and that a second income would definitely help me and thus Andy Hall took advantage of this and never explained the details of the contract and hurried me to sign it. I have already returned the software that they send me with FedEx Tracking number [protected].

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  1. Kelle Bockhorst
    June 13, 2020

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