One day a message appeared on my screen that I had a computer virus. A phone number was listed but I don’t member it. I called and an individual with a strong Indian accent answered. I gave him control. Wanted $299 to remove. I paid and virus returned. Wanted $189 to remove. He placed 2 icons on my screen. One was rhombus and the other was a + in a bid circle. There was also a dialog box that I couldn’t remove that was associated with a file I I couldn’t remove. Also the computer was taken over by a guy named Mike who connected me to a prn site. I paid the fee and I was connected to a Microsoft level 5 tech Virus was removed, and when I wanted the dialog box removed he started to work on that. After 1 hour and no result I called him and suggested he research the problem and call me back the next day. I then suspected I had been scammed. I called a local computer guy. He stated the file file was a “back door to my computer” and he removed the file in a few minutes. I haven’t had any problems since.. I demand None. Maake you aware.. Stay away

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