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Welcome! I am passionate about mental health and helping support people in need across diverse populations. I help people heal and move through emotional crises of all kinds with a flexible kit of therapeutic tools. I can help you through whatever you‚Äôre facing now, so that you can either get back to shining like you used to, or find a new way to shine. I truly believe that experiencing mental health concerns is a normal part of life, although you may not feel normal at this moment. The good thing is, we can work together to help you through it. I use a variety of approaches, emotion-centered, DBT, and existential therapies includedMy approach is to treat you as a ‚Äúwhole‚Äù person, both from within yourself and in the context of societal and cultural environments. We may look into the past, or we may stay in the present, working toward future changes. I like to incorporate mind, body, and soul into my work with clients, while also providing practical skills and resources. I’m glad you’ve reached me; it takes great courage to initiate the process of therapy. I know it can be intimidating to talk with a stranger about your intimate feelings, but I am not here to judge, I am here to help. My counseling practice is called “Let it Shine” and I operate in Gainesville. Please give me a call or send me an email today to get started.

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