Mary Williams

Mary Williams

She flagged me down in a mall and said she’d give me a free reading because she “sensed” something in me. I believe in that spiritual stuff and am new to it so I said sure. she gave me a reading outside and told me a few off things and a few accurate but vague things then said I have four negative spirits inside me and she can have it removed. she then said she needed to buy these candles for the healing and it would be 125 per candle. Me thinking it was $1.25 I was all for it. Then she informed me its $125.00 and that it would total to about $500. I said sorry i cant do that. She proceeded to tell me what is money compared to my well being and kept saying I know you have an atm card, you can pull money out. Well I didn’t. I canceled my bank account and only had $150.00 to my name. She said she would accept that after she realized she wasn’t getting anymore out of me. I do not do well under pressure. I usually say yes cave in and deal with it later. Its really bad and I have social anxiety so Ill do anything to get away. I ended up giving her my money and knew immediately it was a mistake. She told me not to tell my friends or family about this because “they would judge me”. She gave me her personal number that I called less than an hour later and I requested a refund and that I no longer required her services, I need my money for bills etc. and she gave the excuse that she has an emergency with her mom at the er and shes driving to LA. Later that same day she wanted me to rent her a car using my drivers license, which I’m pretty sure is illegal, in order to get my money back and I refused. Since then she has been refusing to give me my money back, it has been 3 days so far. She is using the excuse her mother passed away so she doesn’t want to meet anyone anywhere. To this I said that’s fine just wire it to my boyfriends Paypal. That was 2 days ago. I sent her requests to her phone and i even created an email to send the request to as well and have gotten nothing. I am at the point where I am sending her non stop requests in the hope that she will be so annoyed she will give me the money to make it stop. I have threatened her with calling the police but I am not sure there will actually be a case since I handed her my money of my own free will.. I demand A total refund.. Stay away

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