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Recently I had a very bad experience with Mashreq bank. It was so irritating and I was helpless. I decided to never go to proximity of Mashreq bank or its services. Some of the staff are so unprofessional. Complaint resolving system is very poor and just an eye wash and formal. Moreover It seems they treat the customer based on the nationality and amount of money association with them. I had a personal loan and credit card with them which I wish to consolidate and make a buy out through ADCB. I applied for liability letter with Mashreq. They issued the letter to me on 15th April. Letter bearing ref EDMS 281104. They have shown an outstanding of 91600 against my loan where as actual outstanding of 85470 AED. I was quiet surprised and literally screamed for help whether somebody can clarify me at the branch or call centre. Every time I call to call centre they say they will arrange a call back. Trust me I never received any call back and I was so helpless. This was my first realization that I selected a wrong bank to bank with. Later however I asked ADCB to release the cheque for the amount indicated by the Mashreq. The cheque was deposited at Mashreq bank Al Wahda mall branch on 17th April 2019 by ADCB officer. The cheque was credited on 18th April 2019. Since then the funds are on hold and they are not processing the settlement. I waited for 10 days and I went to Al Wahda mall branch on 28.04.2019 at 1.07PM to enquire about the status. What was happened at the bank was so disgusting and most terrible and shameful experience I have had before at any other bank in my life. I was there at 1.07PM and contacted Ms. Sana to address my problem and update me about settlement. She said . Please wait sir i will check and update as buyout case requires some time to check details. I waited ..waited ..waited..time was 1.45PM. My legs are paining and she completely ignored me and she served other three arabic nationals in the time. I was so angry and felt shameful. Might be I was not an important customer. She go on serving the other customers and then I interrupted her and I screamed. What is this, I have been waiting for long time and you served three people who came after me. I asked whether Mashreq bank is serving customer based on nationality, gender or any other criterion. She said ” I am serving other customer. please wait” Then I was so angry and asked ” Am i not a customer”. Then the staff gathered and just checked my request status in 1 min and replied that my clearance letter is ready and you can ask your bank agent to come and collect as it will be given to bank only. It was around 2pm. She gave me a yellow slip writing the reference number 281104. Then I called my banker to collect the same by giving ref number to him. He visited bank at 5.30PM and he was told that letter was not ready and you can come back on 30th April 2019. Then I understand that the staff made me a fool by just giving a fake reference number to just send me back from branch. This is highly unprofessional attitude and I raised a complaint to call centre. They rasied a complaint bearing reference 3365762. After 1 day somebody called me from a dubai based landlane number when I was in meeting. I tried to come outside and pick the call. it was disconnected. I called back several times but no response. Later today on 30th April 2019 5.17PM i received message that your complaint is closed. I was surprised and call to contact centre and asked what action was taken against my complaint and why it was closed. They told sorry we will arrange a call back again. Then I told I dont need any callback because it is all just a show to display that they have a system to take care of customer complaints. yet they have not settled my card and loan even though money is available in my account since April 18th 2019. Everyday they will charge interest until card and loan is closed. I don’t have any interest to contact them again. Only thing I can do is I will never use the word Mashreq bank or its products or services in future. I understand we must always go with a bank that respect customers and its concerns. Otherwise we should end up with loss and frustration.

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