Mega Millions

Mega Millions

They are asking me for money to get a prize but they say I have to pay a fee to get the package. They are calling me all of the and I really thought that it was real they have gotten money from me and they asked me to send the money to Jamaica….there is a guy in Nigeria who has gotten me in debt to the tune of 2,000.00 ….he said we were going to get married..his name is Anthony Hutton…. I think that he is going by Frank he just asked me to open a Hotspot Elite for him but I’m afraid this could be illegal I’m afraid to call the police I don’t want to go to jail.. I demand I would like to have these people arrested BOBBY COOPER says he is in Las Vegas but he says he is in my town of Foley, AL. I don’t recommend them

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  • #Bobby Cooper |James Cooper

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