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Are you struggling with your teen? Being a teenager can be REALLY tough. Not only for them, but also for their families. I used to be a really difficult teen and am now the therapist I wish I had 20 years ago. Whether your teen is feeling stuck, having self-esteem issues, struggling with eating disorders, drugs, anxiety, depression, feeling the effects of peer pressure or bullying, etc., I teach adolescents and young adults find their way by helping them to effectively deal with life’s trials and tribulations. I also coach parents on ways to open the lines of communication and “be there” in an helpful and positive manner.As a parent, dealing with teenagers can be difficult and at often times, frustrating. Many parents often feel like they’ve tried a variety of different things, but none have worked. I specialize in cognitive behavioral therapy as my main treatment modality which has a great success rate with the adolescent population.I started my career in the juvenile justice arena. Since then, I have been working with adolescents and their parents through the “tough stuff” so that they can experience healthy adolescent development and live their best life possible. Appointments available on Saturdays.

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  1. Elayne Compston
    June 16, 2020

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