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Are you feeling lost, stressed or overwhelmed? Taking the steps to make changes in your life is the beginning of enhancing your well being. I strongly believe in working with you to create techniques to fit your specific needs for happiness. Together we will customize a treatment plan to help guide you on a path to a healthy body and mind. We will work towards finding proper self-care skills, balance, and coping skills that work for you.I specialize in providing therapy for adolescents, adults, couples and families of varied needs, including anxiety, depression, and addiction. I am passionate about helping you take charge of your thoughts, feelings, & emotions to live a full life. Fulfillment is not a destination; it’s a process.My passion is providing excellent clinical services which I deliver in a warm, compassionate setting. My aim is to teach you the skills you need to overcome limitations you are facing so you can go on to lead a productive life. If you have any question please contact me today.

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