Mercy Medical Center

Mercy Medical Center Complaint

Anthony raymond 973 circle drive Arbutus, maryland 21227 [protected] [protected] _ Beware of mercy hospital I was admitted to mercy as a clinical trial study patient of dr. paul thuluvath, which consisted of a brutal 48 week treatment of chemotherapy. thuluvath made the treatment worse by his verbal abuse, and the stress related to repeated bills which I was not responsible for. he told me after my treatment, I was cured. My last scheduled visit to him, he unsympathetically told me that I was not cured, and that I should have called him instead of driving to the hospital. I reminded him I had a scheduled appointment, and was following his instructions. instead I wasted my time, my gas, and my parking fees. thuluvath said I was discharged as a patient. although at that last meeting, he assured me he would contact me when a new treatment would become available, I never heard from him again. instead, he just abandoned me to possible death from liver disease. Consequently, when I read of new treatments available, I had to search for another doctor and seek a new treatment. thuluvath and mercy caused me much stress during the entire course of treatment. all bills were supposed to be covered by mercy and thuluvath according to the conditions of the study. instead, I kept getting bills throughout the course of my treatment, and months after it had concluded. I spent many hours dealing with mercy”s billing department, and mercy”s patient relations department, and finally the pharmaceutical company, all to no avail. I approached thuluvath for a solution. they all told me it was thuluvath”s responsibility to ensure I would not be billed. rather than trying to resolve the situation, thuluvath told me he would terminate me from the study. I have made complaints about thuluvath to mercy hospital. they took no action, and he has suffered no reprimand. now I will initiate complaints on the internet about thuluvath and mercy. I hope and expect that these reviews will encourage other prospective patients to choose a doctor and hospital who really cares about their patients. thuluvath is an arrogant, unprofessional, self-centered and rude doctor, and more importantly a despicable and extremely unpleasant poor excuse of a human being. I have made complaints about you to mercy hospital. I hope and expect that these reviews will encourage other prospective patients to choose a doctor and hospital who really cares about their patients. I invite anyone to contact me for additional information.

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