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Child-Testing.com and FloridaPsychologicalTesting.com is the only testing company offering AT-HOME services throughout the state of Florida, meaning the psychologist travels to your location and tests the student in their own home. At-home testing ensures a comfort zone for your child, significantly reducing test anxiety. By reducing anxiety students can put forth their best effort, resulting in more accurate results and diagnosis. We are also known for offering the most affordable private testing rates in the state. Avoid getting lost or late to appointments, make the process painless. Call us for a free consultation.Testing for dyslexia, ADD/ADHD, autism, giftedness, slow processing, learning problems and all school concerns. Obtain IEP or Section 504 accommodations for school or college. Testing services 7 days a week.”Michelle is a FL licensed school psychologist with almost 20 years experience. Being mobile throughout the state of FL, and not confined to an office in one geographical location, means exposure to a much wider range of exceptionalities and experience in the field difficult to find elsewhere.”

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