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Recent research has demonstrated that anxiety, depression, anger, and relationship problems are highly linked to trauma or difficult life events (Bessel, 2014). People can feel hesitant about seeking treatment for trauma because they feel they will no longer be able to function as usual, and will not be able to find a way out from being overwhelmed. However, the therapy that I provide takes trauma specifically into account. In therapy, we work at a gradual pace that will not overwhelm you while targeting your specific symptoms.Panic attacks, depression, and other symptoms can impact war veterans or victims of assault. Symptoms can also arise from events that occurred as children or adults, and can range from surgical procedures to being subjected to harsh punishments or mistreatment. Talk therapy has its limitation when addressing these issues and can be retraumatizing. It takes a specially trained, compassionate, and understanding therapist to help you improve your quality of life. I utilize Somatic Experiencing®, a therapy that takes year to be trained on. I invite you to visit my webpage and learn more about trauma. I hope you find it helpful. I also provide therapy that is not trauma oriented.

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