Stupidly I bought seven pieces of different clothes from milanoo without checking their reputations, spending $234.43 in march 2012. I bought a size xs shirt with a corset and the corset part is made of very soft thin fabric, there’s no wires and it doesn’t have any support at all. When I tried it on, it just wrinkles and gathers together. It was totally useless. This is the photo proof I sent them; The stand collar blouse I bought from them disappointed me greatly as well. Because the collar doesnt stand at all. The lace on the collar is too big and soft. The blouse does not have any buttons on its cuffs and sleeves are sewn all way down. Please take a look at my photo; An underskirt that came with a dress has two layers of very flat hard tulle but no lining. It does not give any volume to the dress and it’s totally useless. I was only happy with two items out of seven I bought. Milanoo first declined my request for a partial refund (just for one item of $37.49) saying they did not see any problems in the product. Luckily, I paid by paypal and I opened a dispute through paypal and milanoo immediately refunded me. But I will never ever buy from them again.

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    June 17, 2020
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