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I am a bilingual, licensed Clinical Psychologist here to help you with your academic or career needs by assessing for ADHD, learning disorders, anxiety, neurological disorders, or any other causes that interfere with academic or career performance. After identifying your strengths and weaknesses, I will develop an individualized plan for you to seek accommodations at your academic setting, whether it be through Miami Dade County’s section 504 plan, IEP, accommodations provided by a university or college, or for standardized testing (i.e. LSAT). Additionally, I offer evidence based treatment for anxiety.All services are provided in English or Spanish and include the following: Gifted testing; psychoeducational evals for learning disability/problems, ADHD, neurological problems such as traumatic brain injury or dementia. Treatment for Anxiety disorders, social or specific phobia include: Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT) and other evidence based approaches.Many people are at a disadvantage when pursuing their academic or career goals because of conditions that affect their learning, attention or concentration. This includes debilitating anxiety. Contact me and I will guide you to get the help you need. I provide high quality services at affordable rates, and am willing to work with your financial needs.

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