Miss. Barbara Duenas

Miss. Barbara Duenas Review

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As the newest member to our team, Barbara enjoys working with couples and on inspiring women to overcome codependency. She has dedicated countless hours in researching evidence based techniques to either help couples overcome difficult situations such as infidelity, or to empower women in believing that they CAN overcome, succeed and be happy without needing to be involved in a relationship. She reminds you that you CHOOSE to be in a relationship and you don’t NEED to be involved with someone else. I strive to aid individuals feel better about themselves to help their relationships excel. I use psycho-education to help clients work on their interpersonal relationships with partners, friends or family members through strengthening their communication style. I encourage acceptance within themselves and their current life circumstances. Having experienced some difficult experiences and losses of my own has prepared me to be a better therapist. I have studied different therapeutic techniques to better assist each type of client. Not only are these therapeutic techniques evidenced based but I myself have used these techniques in my own personal life to know they work. Let me show you how.

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