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Puppy born 1/29/09 sire Yasso vom Mittelwest dam Emily vom Mittelwest. Received puppy Wed 3/25/09 at approx 7 pm. Puppy ate minimal on Thurs was drinking water but had loose stools, ate minimal of Fri continued to drink water and have loose stools. I thought maybe some transition issues from being flown in. Ate two bites of food on saturday, hardly any water and continued loose stools, at this point I am starting to think this isn”t from just travel or acclimating to a new environment, maybe worms? Sunday :vomitting ate nothing and no water. Called the Vet on Monday 3/30/09 also emailed Julie Martinez asking how the puppy ate while she was there She responds promptly, said the dog was fine but loose stool and vomitting is not good. So, Monday 3/30/09 vets sends pup to Emergency room where she is Diagnosed with Parvo and admitted. I had to pay $2400.00. Called Julie that night we agree to check in the next day. Paid $1500.00 for puppy and feel we deserve that money back given the condition of the dog. Rec voicemail 4/1/09 from Julie she agrees to refund purchase price. Then NOTHING, never called or emailed. Emailed her 4/17/09 she said she would refund after Seiger show in Illinois. I emailed her to say I needed refund asap and she ignored the email. I called her 4/22/09 to tell her I needed refund asap, she said she would refund $750 that day and the remainder the week after Seiger. This was over two weeks ago. No refund and no contact from her. Called her yesterday 4/6/09 and left two messages with no response. I could say nothing but good things about her even after the pup had Parvo her response time was great she agreed to stand behind the dog and issue a refund and I thought she was reputable. But now, it is shady that she does not return emails or phone calls and has not issued the refund that she promised almost 6 weeks ago. I does not take 6 weeks to refund money. Truly a disappointing experience. After the fact I found 3 reports about her on [redacted].com.

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