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The casting director Peter will call you in to meet with him and he will tell you about the industry and will take pictures of you to “supposedly” submit to casting directors throughout Canada and the U.S. A few days later he will call you back saying all of these big name casting directors are interested in you from Vancouver, Miami, New York, LA, etc. He”ll make another appointment to meet with you and charge you over $800 up front to join the agency. BEWARE: THIS AGENCY IS A HUGE SCAM. They don”t submit you to ANY roles, like a real agency is suppose to do. They also charge extra for comp cards, about $500 (which look cheap). PLEASE DON”T GIVE YOUR MONEY TO THIS AGENCY! They are a complete waste of your time and nothing will come out of it. You”ll just be giving away over $1000 to this scam artist. Please do your research before joining any agency. I have recently joined a new acting agency and I didn”t have to pay ONE cent to join – except for a small fee to become of member of casting workbook (a reputable casting website).

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