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I am passionate to bring married couples to vitalized, harmonious lives together; thriving rather than surviving in relationship. In a warm and safe environment, I teach communication skills to help couples understand each other and resolve conflict. With that, all aspects of married life can be addressed: sex, parenting, finances, loss. I also work with those struggling with anxiety and depression; to see them set free from that which keeps them bound, to live life in freedom and abundance. I also counsel grief and loss; those on their journey after death, divorce, job loss, and loss of relationship.I believe therapy is a collaborative effort, between you (the true expert of your life) and the counselor, whom you’ve enlisted to come alongside you for help. I often use a Cognitive Behavioral Approach, a Solution-Focused approach, Inner Healing, EMDR, DBT, Mindfulness, and other tools and modalities respective to the need.I have 15 years of experience in psychotherapy. I’ve been an Adjunct Professor in Psychology and Director of a Counseling Center for 15 years. I was instrumental in bringing a Community Marriage Policy to Palm Beach County in 2008. I am a founder of the South Florida Association of Christian Counselors.

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