Monster Worldwide, Inc.

Monster Worldwide, Inc. Complaint

All I have to say is don’t waist your money. They are a complete rip off and take your money and don’t care if you get any results. I have been using monster for a while with little success. One of their sales people convinced me that if I signed up for a year with one of their other services that I would receive much better results. Because I didn’t know any better and trusted that they are a reputable company and there are no better options out there I agreed. Big Mistake! often spending almost $800 on a job posting (unless it was a reception job where everyone applies) I would not receive a hire. I recently found a company that bills you per person who clicks on your posting not simply for a 60 day posting that is not visible after a few days. The results were incomparable to that of monster. I spend a fraction of the cost I did with monster and and hired multiple employees. I wish I found this company before getting locked in with monster. I told them about my results and that I did not receive what I was promised. They told me they didn’t care and that I was locked into a contract. I wanted to cancel and they would not let me even though they knew that I was not satisfied with the services I was given. Now I am stuck paying a monthly bill that gives me nothing in return. They told me the best they could do for me was that I not pay the bill and I could take it up with a collection company. Unfortunately there is nothing I can do until the year runs out but I hope this helps someone and they do not make the same mistake I do. Please know anyone that is looking to hire some employees there are much cheaper options than companies like monster who charge hundreds of dollars for a 60 day posting. Please do your research and protect yourself and your money.

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