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Prior to leaving the hotel this afternoon on May 10, 2018 at approximately noon, I borrowed an iron from the front desk. I returned the iron to the desk as I was leaving. at approximately 1:00pm. No one was at the front desk as I was leaving so I sat the iron on the lower front desk because I didn”t want to leave it on the top counter. After placing iron on the counter, I proceeded to walk to my vehicle. As I was walking to my vehicle, a male employee came from behind the building and yelled something at me that I could not understand. I turned around for a second because I wasn”t sure that he was trying to get my attention. As I proceeded, he yelled something again that I still could not understand. At this time, I concluded that he was speaking to me so I turned around. He aggressively pointed towards the main entrance of the hotel so I started walking back to the entrance. As I was walking back, I asked the person if he was sure that I was the person that he wanted to speak to; he did not reply. As I was approaching the door of the hotel, a female employee came out of the front door and was looking around. I had no idea what was going on but I continued to the front desk. Once I made it to the front desk, the man aggressively demanded to know what I had taken from the desk. Before I could respond, he advised me that he saw me on their camera. After I had an opportunity to talk, I advised the associates that I was returning the iron that I borrowed earlier and that I placed it in what I thought was the most secure location at the time. After I explained what happened, the woman immediately said that everything was okay and the man began to nervously laugh. What I didn”t understand was if I was seen on camera placing the item on the counter, why was I immediately accused of theft? As a guest of this hotel, I was extremely offended, humiliated and very disappointed with how I was treated. I had no idea when a person would be returning to the desk but I thought it was a better idea for me to place the iron at the front desk where it could be retrieved by the staff as oppose to returning it to my room. This is my first time staying at a Motel 6 so I am not familiar with the accommodations. If I were at another hotel, an Iron would have already been in the room and perhaps this very unfortunate event could have been avoided. I had no idea that simply returning an item to the front desk in front of a camera would have subjected me to this type of treatment.

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