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Motto Mortgage / Motto Franchising Review

We were sold on a false Premise of “mortgage in a box” The Motto franchising did absolutely nothing to support us nor is it financially feasible or structure properly. The corporate staff of motto mortgage is incompetent. REMAX LLC pretend there is a dividing line between the companies yet they share a CEO and use the re/max marketing emails to advertise for Motto. This franchise was only rolled out so REMAX LLC corporate could collect more fees to pay off its massive debt . The only reason we purchased this franchise is because that’s what our sales people told us. We were misled when we purchased this franchise it was not a proven model, which is the largest benefit to purchasing a franchise. Issues involved compliance, unmet or delayed expectations, communication, and heavy monthly fees. The most important factor, however, was compliance, which we have not been prepared for nor is Motto Franchising, LLC doing enough to protect itself and we won’t be partied to a class action lawsuit when a data breach or worse happens. We said from the beginning we were not comfortable with being attached to a “Motto-wide” Encompass system where the unlicensed staff of an unregulated entity Motto Franchising LLC can see the data. Corporate is not a licensed entity and therefore shouldn’t be able to access loan and people information. In our opinion, a data breach has already occurred. We were told and assured that Motto and RE/MAX were separate companies despite We believe this is a flaw that is not being corrected because Motto can maintain overall control of the Franchisee and the ability to “turn off “the Franchisee through the Encompass platform. They also need access to data so they can make their big data sell off…major CFPB concern. We have email documentation that will be attached showing multiple support email requests t [protected] that were replied to by REMAX staff from remax email domains. I have also located email addresses for key corporate staff who communicated with us on sensitive business information from a re/max address. Another CFPB issue. Brokerage owners are your customers just as agents are mine. Every day my customers walk out the door, and I have to use my value proposition to make sure they come back. I have to provide value every day. RE/MAX doesn’t. Owners, especially multi-office owners, are stuck in an an adversarial relationship with LLC. Rather than constantly earning our business they keep us trapped through the fear of litigation. REGULATORS MUST STEP IN THE CONSUMER IS AT MASSIVE RISK BY THIS GREEDY CORPORATION. Run by sociopath Adam Contos and Dave Liniger, CEO and Co-CEO

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