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Trauma hides behind our problems preventing us from having successful, stress free lives. Trauma hides behind anxiety, depression, PTSD, conflict, addiction, stress, anger, relationship issues, emotional problems, negative thinking and mental health symptoms. At its core it’s an ancient defense system that helped you survive whatever difficult experience you were having or are having. It’s a central nervous system that chose to protect you, that chose to survive, only you can’t access that stuck material alone, and that lack of access, leads to all the symptoms of trauma you might be experiencing.We believe trauma is an important and often under looked aspect of our modern day fast paced living, believing it to play an adaptive role in people’s lives. We empower clients into learning how to utilize their trauma and lived experiences to overcome problems and as a means of personal transformation, rather than a diagnosis of symptoms and heartache.This isn’t just therapy, it’s personal growth and development, and focuses on the betterment of all those who choose to engage on this path of self-healing and introspection. Trauma is about how you survived, but Trauma Resolution is about how you thrive. You didn’t get to choose what you’ve experienced or been through‚Ķbut you can choose how you resolve it.

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