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Neurofeedback: The drug-free solutionAt the Center for Brain Training we offer the most advanced variety of neurofeedback and biofeedback services available. We also do brain mapping. Our clients are children and adults who have anxiety, ADHD, depression, learning disabilities, concussion syndrome, TBI’s and more. We help clients reduce or eliminate reliance on medication. We often get referrals for people who have been unsuccessfully treated by conventional approaches. We are renowned for turning around cases where nothing else has worked, using our powerful tools and extensive experience in training the nervous system. (We do not do psychological testing).Center director Michael Cohen has specialized in applied psychophysiology and EEG biofeedback since 1996. Mike has used neurofeedback to help thousands of individuals and assisted more than 2, 000 health professionals in learning and mastering neurofeedback.Mike Cohen is known around the U.S. for teaching neurofeedback to psychologists, therapists and physicians at his training institute and other venues, including the annual American Psychiatric Association. He specializes in working with treatment-resistant cases.

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