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I use EEG Neurofeedback and the Interactive Metronome to help those of all ages with brain dysregulations, including ADHD, Anxiety Disorders, Sleep disorders, Migraines, Autistic Spectrum Disorders, Depression, and other mental health concerns. When your brain works right, then you can be your best! As one father put it, “I would rather have my son train his brain twice a week and be responsible for his own behavior than take a pill everyday”! I also offer qEEG’s.I specialize in treating those with ADD – Attention DIFFERENT Disorder, as I like to refer to it, as those with ADD do not have a deficit of attention, but rather they attend to EVERYTHING, having difficulty filtering what is important and what is not. Neurofeedback helps with this!As a former high school coach, I have a special interest in helping athletes obtain the focus, coordination, and timing needed to improve athletic performance. Neurofeedback and IM help those athletes desiring to get to the next level. Neurofeedback helps the athlete answer, ‘How can I focus better?’

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