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I see individuals, couples and families ranging from adolescents (14+) to adults. Issues that I see on a frequent basis are: having a hard time coping with daily life stressors, balancing parent-hood, struggling with verbal/non-verbal communication with your significant other, figuring out what are the goals you want to achieve, feelings of sadness, feelings of being overwhelmed, feelings of anxiety, feelings of why am I not happy, issues revolving around substance use and the list continues. I have very flexible schedule and can work around most of your schedules. I have seen many clients in the past 10years, which I feel I have lots of experience dealing with many different life obstacles. I try to help clients realize that every life experience can be a positive learning experience. Many of us struggle with dealing with issues because we feel alone. I am here to help you not feel alone in your situation.Have you been thinking about therapy? I offer a free 15 minute phone consultation answering any questions or concerns you may have. My practice is located in Davie/Cooper City near major highways and roads. I also accept some major insurances and offer a self-pay option. Check out my site

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