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So many people that I have met describe having been stuck. They have been unable, with the tools they have had, to get unstuck. Typically, it seems that trauma in one form or another is behind that. We all have a story, right? The one that led you here. Trauma can be big trauma, like we think of car accidents or sexual assault but it can also be things like grief or loss, divorce, emotional abuse, etc. Things that get stuck, that mold us in a sense… those same things also make us strong and build character, once we learn how to build from them. I have been drawn to helping people since I can remember. I volunteer and do a lot of community service, in addition to being blessed with my career. My primary clinical focus has been to get as much expertise in trauma possible. I have advanced training in EMDR and Brainspotting- the most current evidence based trauma therapies. The most important thing in the therapeutic relationship is just that- the RELATIONSHIP. I get the vulnerability it takes to be able to take the step to ask for help. Really, the hard part is done once you just get here- then we can do it together. I am about as down to earth and transparent as they get and would be honored to take part in your journey!

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