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Are you overwhelmed? Few hours of sleep? Waking up with no energy, anxious, sad, stressed out?. Congratulations for taking action to bring balance and wellness to your life, a chance to change. I will give you an appointment within a week. I am very passionate in doing my work. My office offers a relaxing ambience space; gradually you will trust me to tell your story and there will be no judgement. I will offer you all my emphaty, support, care, expertise, reflections, alternatives, suggestions to deal with your complaint or gradually learn how to cope or solve it.My 30 years in Mental Health will be at your disposition and years of experience to deal with, stress management, Relationship Issues; anxiety, depression: before or after Partum, I’m certified by Dr. Weiss, more than 60 hrs Conference with DR Bessel Van Derkhol on techniques that apparently, are producing better, outcomes, on PTSD, trauma besides verbal I am a competent professional; poligloats: Fluent-English, Spanish, Portuguese, read Italian and French, my native language is Spanish. I have worked for more than 25 years in social/emotional/mental institutions managing life’s transitions and challenging situations. My practice is very comprehensive including understanding culture, and ethnic diversity.

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