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Being a new mom is hard. You‚Äôre sleep deprived, learning your new little one, and everyone has advice for you. ‚ÄúSleep when the baby sleeps; you‚Äôll feel better, and happier, when you get a few more hours of sleep; It‚Äôs just the baby blues, you‚Äôll be ok in a few weeks; the house work can get done later, make sure the baby is eating enough‚Ķ‚Äù What if you‚Äôre still sad after ‚Äúa few weeks‚Äù, you feel scared, anxious, or can’t turn your thoughts off? It can start to feel like you are getting through each day in “survival mode”. With the help of our knowledgeable counselors, you can stop “surviving” life and start enjoying it.Her Hope Behavioral Health is South Florida‚Äôs first behavioral health center dedicated to women‚Äôs reproductive mental health. We’re here to help you prepare for baby during pregnancy and, with transition after baby is born through individual, group, & family therapy. Also specializing in treating women with anxiety/depression due reproductive health concernsWe know that being a mom can feel lonely, isolating, confusing, and scary. You are not alone! Making that first call for help can be hard. That’s why we offer free consultations to help learn how we can best help. Our counselors are available to help you from the comfort of your own home or in our downtown West Palm Beach, FL office. Call us today.

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