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You know the feeling, it’s that feeling of dread that something is about to happen. Constantly wondering and waiting for the next shoe to fall. It feels like you are being held back from the things you want to do and ashamed that you can’t control this crazy cycle; the difficulty breathing, the tight chest, the feeling that you are not good enough along with the nagging feeling of always being on edge. It makes life hard. It makes you feel like you can’t get it together, but you can. Anxiety can be changed. I can help.In the very first session I can equip you with tools to reduce your feelings of anxiety. As we continue to work together you will learn healthier ways of thinking, how to change the negative emotions and the way anxiety makes you feel. You will get relief.Working together we can rewire your brain and give you the tools you need to feel better. I can help you heal your life in a way that reduces your pain, changes what you feel and unveils a brighter future. If you are looking, you are ready. Call me.

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