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Are you feeling lonely, depressed, anxious, isolated? Your life isn’t what you want it to be. You know you have the potential to do better. You dread getting together with family for the holidays. You feel out of place in groups, like a black sheep. You’re overwhelmed and everything is building up. You’re lonely, even in a relationship.You hate getting out of bed in the morning. Life, love, friendships, career are disappointing. You are paralyzed with sadness, anxiety or grief. You need empowerment. You need someone to talk to who cares and can help.We specialize in cognitive/behavioral, solution focused, evidence based therapy using the most effective approaches for recovery. Learn how YOU make yourself miserable or HAPPY. We treat depression, anxiety, trauma, grief and relationship problems. Acupressure pain treatment and hypnotism. Chronic or terminal diseases such as AIDS, and Cancer. Improve relationships.Cheer Counseling has friendly, experienced staff who care. We offer secular counseling. LGBT friendly. Accepting in a world that may not be. Old-fashioned personal service by professionals who care. High-quality counseling at affordable prices. Spanish, Egyptian, French, Sign Language. Same week appointments. You are too important to wait.

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