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You have a calling to serve others and you are passionate about it…most of the time. Today, though, today you are feeling like you have lost something important about the WHY you do what you do. Tired, stressed, feeling like your plate is not only full, but on the brink of toppling off your hands. Being in a helping profession is extremely rewarding, but also draining. Are you experiencing burnout, family problems, difficulty managing all your roles? Have you lost your motivation and feel like your well is empty? It’s time to make an important choice: Choose Wellbeing for You and Yours.Helpers have a tendency not to reach out for help themselves. I know… been in there done that! When life challenges come our way, we are more vulnerable to burnout, depression, anxiety, trauma, loss of motivation, relational problems, and other serious issues. Having 10 years of clinical experience and 20 years in helping profession, I can help you todayI am a spouse, a parent, a volunteer, a therapist, and so much more. I SERVE others and understand how this can at times deplete our energy. I am very passionate about the intersection between spirituality and mental-emotional wellbeing, as well as self care for the helping professions. My focus is on Improving the Wellbeing of Those Who Serve Others.

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