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Do you want to get well? Have you been living in a cycle of defeat, series of bad relationships- battling depression and/or unable to control anger. Do you need help forgiving and moving forward. Do you need couples counseling – or to learn how to meet each other’s needs and to communicate better. Pre-marital counseling discusses hot button topics: expected roles, conflict resolution, communication and intimacy needs. I am also able to minister to those who feel oppressed by the enemy through our Freedom/Deliverance Ministry. If you are ready to do the work- you can be healed!Beginning with your god-given temperament, we move to what was learned from your family of origin, breaking generational curses, replacing irrational beliefs, putting up boundaries, dealing with co-dependency and begin self-care. We go to the root of the problem- healing those issues of the past, making way for a victorious future!Healing from the issues of the past can be hard, whether abuse, drugs, or affairs, you are capable of forgiving, healing and moving forward into your best life. This takes work- it’s not an easy process but the results are phenomenal. Our God wants to set you free from your past and bring you into a deeper, more intimate relationship with him.

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