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Families can sometimes get stuck in destructive behavior patterns that affect all the members in different ways. When challenges arise either individually or as a whole, everyone is impacted and shares in the struggle. I embrace the power of the family unit. Throughout the therapeutic process, various forms of experiential and cognitive therapy will be woven into family sessions. Allowing the family to talk more freely and use creative forms of expression with one another can deepen the family’s experience of each other and their own selves; thereby increasing understanding, enhancing communication pathways, and improving the overall relationship.As a Registered Play Therapist I have the training to apply the therapeutic power of play to communicate with and treat individuals of all ages and their families. While many children and adolescents try to express themselves through words, it is not their most competent means of communication.I strongly believe the best approach to healing is by accessing the family unit as a whole and transforming the difficult situation into a one of positive growth and transformative change.

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