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Beginning therapy can be difficult, and I am committed to creating a safe and compassionate space in which we can work together to address your concerns. Within a collaborative partnership, we will identify your goals for therapy and explore the challenges you have been facing. As a depth-oriented psychologist, I believe that greater self-awareness and insight into the impact of our life experiences can lead to greater self-acceptance and a sense of contentment. Understanding how parts of ourselves influence our relationships and repetitive life patterns helps clarify how our own actions and reactions can precipitate undesired patterns.No longer held back by our automatic thoughts, feelings, and behaviors associated with our past, we are then free to engage in more positive, fulfilling relationships and satisfying life experiences. The therapeutic process, along with a positive therapy relationship, facilitates this growth and positive change.I am a Licensed Clinical Psychologist with a primary focus on providing individual psychotherapy in addition to conducting psychological and psychoeducational assessments. My specialty areas include relationship concerns (e.g. with friends, partners, parents, siblings), self-esteem, identity development, stress-management, and adjustment to life-transitions.

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