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Ready to make a change but not sure how to get started? Many of us are struggling with anxiety, sleep issues, feeling unmotivated and stuck. I will act as your guide in self discovery and encourage you to identify patterns of thoughts and behaviors that are holding you back. We will draw on your strengths and choose the direction you want to take in resolving personal, career and relationship challenges. We all want to be loved and valued in our relationships, but struggle at times with communication, intimacy, self esteem, or conflict. Disappointment and resentment build and our feelings about our partner change.You may be feeling misunderstood, unimportant and end up in a cycle of arguing and fighting that leads to escalation or shut down. We will practice acknowledging each other’s feelings and communicating wants without attacking or blaming. Let’s work towards respect and problem solving to build the trust and intimacy you both desire.Modern families come in many shapes and sizes but require the same components to thrive: structure, boundaries, communication and love. Family counseling involves each member of the family working together to solve problems. We will work together to reduce conflict, identify strengths, do more of what works, and learn new ways to connect and communicate.

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