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Are you irritable, isolated, or withdrawn? Maybe, you feel tired, hopeless, or empty? Whatever it may be, isn’t it time to admit doing it alone just isn’t working? If you had a broken arm, at a certain point you would think… “maybe I should see someone for this”. Now is that time. Treatment is so much more effective today. It’s also not as painful as you are imagining, especially with my strength-based approach. You will be surprised and even impressed with how much you already have going for you. Let’s discover your strengths and build on them. You don’t have to suffer in silence anymoreWorking from my Cumulative Well-Being approach, I have a professional toolset that includes Solution Focused Therapy, Positive Psychology & Motivation, and Existentialism that will be custom tailored to your wants and your needs. Don’t feel out of place in your own skin! Start taking charge of your health and happiness again. When you look at your monthly budget or daily planner, you may think counseling is too expensive or time-consuming. But weigh the cost of what you are losing, physical energy, enjoyment, fulfillment, counseling doesn’t look so expensive. Call right now.

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