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Nature Air Complaint

Before leaking the UK to go to Costa Rica, I tried to book a flight from Liberia to San Jose on 23rd September 2016. During the payment process an error message said that the transaction could not be completed and crashed. I then booked a flight for same journey same day with Sansa Air. Over a week later a transaction for the Nature Air flight appeared in my bank account. I phoned them to point out the error and get reimbursement. I had not been sent any flight booking confirmation. And haven”t since. I was told to go to the flight desk at the airport when I get there and they would sort it. At the flight desk they said they couldn”t unless I presented the card that I had paid with. I don”t carry that as it is my savings account card. They said I could email the card number to their manager on my return to England and it would take 4 weeks to reimburse after that. I did it immediately once home. They acknowledged and gave the name of the finance manager dealing with it and confirmed 4 weeks. After 3 emails since, I have had no reply at all. It is now 19th Nov 2016 and I feel very aggrieved about this and have threatened legal action if they don”t pay within 7 days. What more can I do? Is there an aviation authority I can complain to? It”s not a lot of money but is a whole months food money for me. I won”t let it go.

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They are a scam, they are not doing what they advertise, they are stating they are an affiliate of but Amazon, says they are,

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