Norman and Woods

Norman and Woods

Can’t believe I feel for this. I’m so embarrassed. I contacted my bank and had them close my account, send me a new debit card and change my account number. Then I contacted multiple credit reporting agencies to put alerts on my credit. I’m contacting the FTC later this evening. Honestly, I was just so excited to finally hear something back that I didn’t even bother to think twice. All they ask for is your member #. I thought, “What could they do with that if they didn’t have my email & password to see my info?” I’ve changed my password anyways, jic. Just so embarrassing looking back now.


Thank you for applying for the opening “XYZ” this position is currently open with a pay of $18-22 per hour.

We have completed our initial assessment of the applications received, and are happy to inform you that your application has been accepted by our client for the interview stage.

This stage closes on Friday, November 11th at 8pm PST, so its very important you complete the online screening before that date, interview requests submitted after this date will not be accepted. Your interview will be scheduled for the following week.

Please go to the following address to complete the screening evaluation and interview booking:

Please be sure to set aside at least 15 minutes to complete the process. You will not be able to restart the process. It can only be completed once. Once submitted we will review and contact you within a few days to arrange your interview date. Please be sure to complete all parts of the screening. Incomplete screenings will be rejected.

We strongly recommend that you complete the screening on a computer, rather than a mobile phone, to ensure that you can complete the process.


Kate Walker
HR Specialist
Jackson & Thomas

It’s a scam!!!!!!! Don’t belive it untill you search it and talk with them about thier quality. Believe in yourself but not strangers. Be smart and use it computerize. I demand THEY BE STOPPED!. Stay away

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