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PURPOSE: The purpose of this review is to inform any to-be customer with this company. Please read what happened to me and how the company (NuEra) responded me. The take away message is ” They Are Thiefs with no prior credibility” I responded to one indian agent by phone, he offered me “best” rates to Pakistan (5 cents/min). They assigned me two seperate numbers (one for my landline and one for cellphone along with 10 digit PIN). deposited $39. MY COMPLAINT:Once i got my Bell mobility monthly bill, I was charged $328 for long distance calling. infact these were the calls that I made in my local free night time. As it turned out to be, NuEra agent had given me WRONG access number, rather be a local access number, the guy gave me long distance number. Nu ERA RESPONSE: took me 2 weeks to get the Manager. Worst customer service staff, they can barely speak English. after 1 month of tiredless efforts the result is “the company can maximum give me $150 service credit for next month”. thats is not What i WANT. i need the company to take care of that $328 which is caused by thier mal-service agent. WHAT I WILL BE DOING NOW???? I am comitted to file a legal suit against this company soon. REQUEST TO ALL: please beware of thier telemarketing. Please make sure you guys have done enough research on NuEra credibility before you signup any contract with them. THANKS ALL

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