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September, 2015 Oasis Moving and Storage sent a truck to my home in Mooresville, NC to pick up my stuff. Mostly I had boxes and one bedroom set. They came two days earlier than the day that was scheduled so I was rushed into finish packing and unable to watch them put my stuff on the truck, but what was I worried, I only had boxes, plastic bins and a bedroom set. When I called before the 30 days was up, I thought my stuff was in Las Vegas where I was relocating to…however, my stuff was in Florida! What the hell. A week later I get a call that my stuff is ready to be delivered. I told them it will be a simple delivery to a storage place. They asked that I make sure an 18 wheeler could fit in and I did that. When they got to the storage place they stated they couldn”t turn in and would have to carry the stuff from up the street or use my truck to transfer boxes. This was an attempt to get more money from me because they would charge an additional amount for every so many feet they had to transport the boxes. So I used my truck which was ridiculous. Upon seeing my boxes, I was livid…they were all smashed to the point some were open. My bedroom set was a mess…the night stands are all cracked up and OMG my mattress wasn”t even covered. It was partially wrapped with a garbage bag!!! Same with my box spring! The attitude of the Oasis Movers was horrible. They acted like I did something wrong and the guy was even swearing at me! When I opened the boxes of course I had lots of broken glass and things missing! It is ridiculous! I did a review on Yelp and when I looked at the others, I was in total shock as to what I was reading. OASIS MOVING IS A TOTAL SCAM.

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  1. Letha Balestra
    June 16, 2020

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