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To whom it may concern Please be advised that I am very perturbed by the way my situation has been handled. I will be giving you all the details from the day I submitted the paperwork for cancellation of a tax free savings plan. The day I sent on my paperwork to my broke, Adiel Albertus, 29 August 2016. I had confirmed that the office received the paperwork hence they received the paperwork on 30 August 2016. Initially I had thought it would take about 7 business days for the finds to be available but after several calls to the call centre, I was told that due to me submitting a cancellation in the cooling off period, there is a waiting time of 14 business days. 14 business days gives me the date for cut off on 16 September 2016. Yesterday, as a result of needing this money so desperately, I called the Old Mutual call centre again, only to be told by some agent that cut off for the cancellation is on 17 September 2016, which is Saturday. They do not even work on weekends which obviously means that they will only be working on my request on Monday, 19 September 2016. Here comes the crunch… I then ask to speak to a Team Leader and a guy by the name of Irfaan, comes to my assistance and tells me that the cancellation will effectively take place on 19 September 2016 and the plan still needs to go for pricing. OMG what a load of crap. And it gets better. When the plan goes through to pricing it will take another 2 days for that funds to be transferred to my bank account. Please be advised that I need the money. It happens to be MY MONEY. If I had known that investing money with Old Mutual is such a nightmare when it comes to payout, I would never have winked in the direction of your organisation. I am now at a point of absolute sadness, depression and way beyond feeling sick because this money is my money which I worked for and now I am struggling to get my own money back due to people telling me about processes. I asked Irfaan yesterday to get me feedback about getting my money paid out by Saturday, latest. And then some other guy calls me this morning, Clint, to inform that they are busy looking into it but the details I have been given by Irfaan will stand. I will only get my money by next week Friday, 23 September 2016. How unacceptable can something like this be. I will not tolerate such crap from Old Mutual and I will be taking this to the media if I don”t have my money by Saturday. I will be sending this same email to a complaints specialist and I will not take this lying down because I desperately need the money. This money is for something very important and that is why I need it asap. I need someone to do something about this as I am not prepared to wait any longer.

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