Omegle Review

Recently 6/14/19 I was on Omegle looking to talk to someone. I eventually ran across this guy and he was 18. I stated I was 15 (which is a minor by the way) and he tried to get me to send him nudes, he tried to get me to talk dirty, he even mentioned he had sexual intercourse with a 15 yr old. I wanted to call 911 so I pretended to play along and get his name and address but failed. He went on and on about it and I tried convincing him the error if his ways but he wouldn’t listen. I believe this person should stay off of Omegle and I can even send the chat logs. I was pretty angry so there is a lot of profanity and this person makes me sick! You: Hey F 15′ Stranger: Hi Stranger: M 18 Stranger: From You: Canadia Stranger: Sounds nice Stranger: Horny? You: Nah, i’m not the devil I swear I don’t have horns Stranger: Haha You: Unless u mean Canada You: Canada has horns Stranger: Do you want to have sex chat You: A gender chat? You: Ur trans? You: cool Stranger: I am kinda turned on You: Wtf ur a robot? Stranger: My dick is hard and erect Stranger: No Stranger: Not a robot Stranger: Real person You: Im 15 Stranger: So You: Ur 18… Stranger: I have once [censored]ed a girl who is 15 Stranger: That’s why I asked you You: how old? You: were u Stranger: 18 Stranger: It was like a couple of months ago You: Name and address? You: and yeah sure You: i’ll do it You: where are u? Stranger: In the states You: cool You: Address? Stranger: Why Stranger: I am not telling you my address here You: So I know where to fly there You: Doi Stranger: Tell your I’ll come You: But im 15, i have parents You: thats why Stranger: We can meet outside You: no Stranger: What would you do when you are at my place You: Btw You: What was the girls name? Stranger: Emily You: Did u rape her… You: Shes a minor… Stranger: No You: Thats illegal Stranger: It was with consent You: She’s not the legal age of consent Stranger: She only came to me and asked to come to her place You: That’s not the age of consent Stranger: And then she kissed me and tool off my pants Stranger: And started sucking my dick You: Thats illegal Stranger: She was doing it herself You: ur a pedo Stranger: Whatever Stranger: But she was a pro Stranger: She sucked my dick like a pornstar You: ur a pedo, u legit “[censored]ed” a 15 yr old and ur 18 Stranger: And then she bent in front of me in doggy style position You: she’s not the legal age of consent You: And even if she did dod it You: u should be old enough You: to know its wrong Stranger: She already had lost her virginity You: thats [censored]ed up You: It’s still rape Stranger: No it isn’t You: bc she’s not the legal age of consent You: she has to be 18 You: she’s a minor You: shes 15 You: and u raped her Stranger: She forced herself onto me You: she cant give consent You: doesnt mean u should have done it Stranger: Well she sucked my dick Stranger: I was hard You: and u let her, bc ur a pedo You: a [censored]ing rapist Stranger: She forced her pussy on my cock Stranger: And I couldn’t control it You: Ur You: a You: pe Stranger: So I [censored]ed her You: d You: o You: p You: h You: i You: l You: e Stranger: And she liked it Stranger: Whatever it was fun You: Watever? Stranger: She called me again You: What may be 20 mins or whatever of ur life Stranger: I’ll be visiting her tomorrow You: is a rape victims whole life You: ur You: a You: [censored]ing You: rapist Stranger: And [censored]ing her tomorrow again Stranger: In the best possible way You: im 15, and u tried to get me to send nudes and [censored] to u Stranger: She is a cock hungry [censored] You: like You: ur You: a You: [censored]ing Stranger: She needs cock You: whore, rapist Stranger: And I’ll give it to her Stranger: I’ll make her a woman Stranger: She is a pro at sucking dick Stranger: She almost had me cum in her mouth Stranger: When she was sucking Stranger: Took my whole thing in You: Ur You: disgusting Stranger: And gagged on it Stranger: I loved it You: Ppl like u You: disgust ne’ Stranger: She loved it Stranger: We both liked it Stranger: And so we [censored]ed Stranger: And will [censored] again and again Stranger: Until she wants to stop Stranger: Ok You: ur a rapists You: ur disgusting You: and u deserve to be locked up Stranger: You can say whatever you want Stranger: I like the sex I get from her You: Ur a [censored]ing creep You: SHES A KID Stranger: She like she sex she gets from me You: A LEGIT KID Stranger: She isn’t a kid You: AND UR TRYING TO [censored] HER You: WHEN UR A GROWN ASS MAN You: WHAT THE HELL IS UR PROBLEM Stranger: Age doesn’t decide kid Stranger: It’s the character and action You: ITS AGE Stranger: And she had actions of a slut Stranger: Her body language is like a [censored] Stranger: Checking out every other guy Stranger: Blowing guys in school toilets You: JUST bC U ACT LIKE A DAMN ADULT DOESNT MEAN U ARE AN ADULT U [censored] [censored] [censored]ING CREEP ASS WHORE U HONESTLY NEED TO BE LOCKED Up Stranger: She is not a kid You: UR A KID You: UR LEGIT You: A CHILD RAPIST Stranger: Bye Stranger: I will do whatever I want Stranger: And with whomever I want Stranger has disconnected.

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