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Run away while you can and while you still have your money in your pocket! Do not make reservations thru OMG Travel or VRLA, they are a scam and you will be ripped off. I made a reservation with them for a condo in LA for next May. They immediately took $621.00 from me for the condo, plus another $167.00 in fees. A week later, I had no confirmed reservation. I called them 7 times and left messages. I emailed them 5 times. No response at all. I then contacted my Alaska Airlines B of A, Visa, and they put a dispute on my card and I was credited back the $621.00. A few weeks later, OMG cancels the reservation after a B of A banker we called, somehow got thru to an office, not in the U.S. and they cancelled it. So, because it was canceled, the dispute was reversed and my card was charged again, $621.00. And Alaska Airlines B of a Visa, will not do anything about it now, because it was canceled in their eyes and they say they cant. So on OMG website, it shows the reservation is canceled and a $392.63 credit is still to this day sitting there. They will not refund the $392.63 back to my card. How did they come up with $392.63? You ask, what about the full $621.00? Well, when I made the reservation, I checked the box to be able to recieve a full refund of the reservation and I had to “opt” out of their membership, or I would have been charged another $495.00 in the future. So those fees, are nonfundable. It is now 1/7/2016. I have emailed and called, Ive lost count of how many times. There is one person who has responded to my email recently, his name is Chilly. The week of xmas, he sent me an email saying my refund would be on my card by the end of the week. Didnt happen. I emailed him repeatedly again, he just responded, that Omg can not refund a card that was disputed!! What?! And he has the gall to ask me to send him all my personal banking info, so he could transfer money to my account. Well, call me stupid the first time for making a reservation with a scam company, but really? Like I said, run away from this company, do not give them your credit card info, you will be sorry. I just lost $621.00. And no where to stay. less

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  1. Niesha Manthe
    June 16, 2020

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