Tell you there is an acting job I can do next month and I will get paid more than $500. They said to start I need to pay $500 so start but after I said no don’t bother because my card wasn’t going through for the payment she jumped up and said let me try it on the server and she left the room. After One Source Talent NEVER CONTACTED ME JOB AN ACTING JOB.
Stay away

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Aptive Environmental Complaint

Aptive sales man came my Home and gave an offer of $99 per quarter for 4 quarters with no initial fees. I rejected the offer and then i

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as stated in business name they are a care facility. my loved one was dying from cancer. I was quoted 115.00 per day and I paid 2800.00 up

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Brothers food mart has many mexicans and illegal workers working for them! they work 20-30 hours of overtime but get paid straight pay!

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After listing my timeshare on Craigslist for rental in June, 2010, I received an email via Craigslist’s anonymous reply method that

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Americas Auction Network is willfully selling Real Estate in the State of Florida that has a better than 95% chance that it was built with