Online Commerce Pros

Online Commerce Pros

I received so many phone calls for so many services I became confused as to who told me what. I believe this is part of their plan. Too much info at once for me to digest. I am a Senior Women, with no retirement, unemployed due to health issues and all these connected scammers have taken a total of $14,189.00 in cash, the only money I had. This is the second time I have been scammed. Because I thought I was doing this all under the name of “Amazon” just to find out Amazon is not connected in anyway to these businesses that are located from AZ, UT, CO and NY. How do I even report them. My billing was done from Biz Entity Solutions, Margate, FL; and United Entity out of Gilbert, AZ. The total I am putting here is the Grand Total of all prior scam reports. I think maybe 5 in all in the last few days. July 24 – July 27, 2015. All these Businesses need to be shut down.. I demand I would like all my money back due to their fraudulent sales tactics.. Stay away

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