ooShirts Complaint

Awful… Awful… Terrible…Horrible… Do not order from…here!!! This is an awful company to do business with… I placed an order 8/30 even called to make sure the order would be complete and delivered by 8/8 for a family reunion on Saturday 12pm. I gave you all of this information paid the extra money for shipping and rushed. I called 5 times from 8/30 to 8/5 and was told yes we are on schedule no problems. I went with you because you had the best prices. 40 shirts 661.00 dollars… I check in on 8/8 and then I am told oh sorry won’t be there on the 8/8 or the 8/9. No one called me or informed me ahead of time. Now I am paying 1200 dollars for a rushed order through custom ink to get the shirts by 8/10 at 930 in Maryland… This organization screwed me and now I am paying double. If you could not file the order I could have went with another company and save 400 dollars. Now I cancelled my order and expect 100% of my 661.00 dollars back. I am very disappointed in how you treat your customers and will never use this organization again. You are truly not customer oriented. I asked for a supervisor to call me back no one bothered to show any kind of consideration, remorse or accountability…

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