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Put in a refill request for an anti-depressant. I was out and it was Friday. They say you should never stop these abruptly. Waited 5 days, pharmacy stated doctor has not called over and over. Called doctor”s office, recording says if this call is about prescriptions, call your pharmacy. Called pharmacy, they said again Doctor hasn”t called yet. Got emergency refill for 3 pills thank God. Brain is crackling. Got through to doctor”s office finally, they said that they won”t refill it until I schedule an appointment. So they held up my prescription so I would make an appointment. THey didn”t tell the pharmacy that, and the recording says don”t bother the doctor for prescription refill requests, call the pharmacy. So the doctor refused to refill my antidepressant until I made an appointment but how was I supposed to know that. Why didn”t the doctor”s office simply CALL ME and let me know rather than withholding very important medication. They are so so careful when you change antidepressants to titrate you up and down at just the right level so you don”t feel poorly. But they will cut you off completely until you call and make an appointment. This has made me so angry, and in my state i”ve been going off on people all day. I finally did get through and made my appointment. They told me on the phone that they would call me when my prescription was ready. THEY DIDN”T CALL AND DIDN”T REFILL IT. I wasn”t rude on the phone, didn”t swear, but they are punishing me by not refilling it because I must have offended them when I called. So I have to wait another day. I will switch doctors. I know they could care less and it wouldn”t affect them one way or another. Reminds me that when I went in for a physical, she didn”t even listen to my heart. She has never listened to it. Then I had a heart attack, not related to listening to it or not, just that she wasn”t very thorough in my opinion. She is a competent and good doctor but little things like this prescription fiasco are unprofessional and ridiculous.

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