This man has hacked into my computer has complete control of my info and can move my mouse to whatever he wishes. Hes trying to make purchases such as life lock and three credit burue pakages. Has promised a loan of 3thousand dollars, he is a hacker he can get on my computer and do whatever wether im on it or not. I’ve sit back and watched him. I demand all money plus future potential damages. Stay away

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Basements 4 Less Inc. Complaint

Company also known as CLJ Basement. I Hired this guy to finish the basement. It took almost one year to complete 80% of the work and

West One International Complaint

Adam Cohen is a conman who takes a deposit on a property and disappears. He stole $36, 000 deposit on a condo from me. He scammed many

Web Add Solution LLC

I have be trying to get my money i went to the BBB and reported it back in 2010 and did not get help i hope you can help i can use that

ShoeShow Complaint

After being in this store for nearly an hour with no help from the 3 associates in the store my 4 children and myself were ready to

One Medical Passport Complaint

Apparently hospitals and surgeons all over the country are relying on One Medical Passport to collect data online for pre-surgical.

Spanx Complaint

A. Overnight delivery is not overnight, it’s 3-days B. the systems wouldn’t take my promo code, then wouldn’t take two