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Rented with customer service a truck with lift gate. Had two items in a move that needed the lift gate. Baby grand piano and a very large cabinet. Ordered truck stated needed lift gate. Was told I was good to go and lift gate truck will be available so we didnt worry about it anymore till the move date of May 4, 2018. Get to location in Tallahassee southeast capital circle in FL to get truck . Was taken out to show truck and I realized it had a ramp. Told girl no I needed truck next to it with lift gate. She stated I needed cdl for it. I have cdl as im a over the road truck driver 15 yrs. We go in and Manager says no I have to have a commercial acct to use those trucks. Why was I not told this when I set it up? I thought we were set to go and it ended up being a moving nightmare due to Penske. Had I known sooner I could have checked elsewhere and made other arrangements. This move was absolutely horrid due to Penske and never ever will I rent from Penske again but I am also going to forward my experience across facebook and BBB. Your company caused my mom to almost have a heart attack as her piano is well over 100 yrs old and had to come down a sticker ramp because we had movers lined up already there was ZERO time to find another truck.. Penske should be ashamed!!!

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