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Since I moved I haven’t received People Magazine in over a week and I been at this address for a 3 months! I called them and the rep I couldn’t understand as usual and was interrupting me in the middle of me explaining my issue plus rushing me off the phone and then when I told her what magazine I last got she told me the next one that I missed and I couldn’t understand her! I ask again and she disregarded my request and tried to rush me by asking me a totally unrelated question and told me my replacement magazine would take 3 weeks to get to me!!! Then rushed me further and I had to try to talk over her and ask her again to clarify that I wanted to know what issue was missed because I believe she got the issue I missed wrong and I corrected her she then proceeded to babble on and couldn’t understand her, I should’ve requested as I have a right to speak to someone I could understand (english speaking) rep but she made me upset and impossible to request considering her demeanor, when I was finally clarified of what issue I missed I told her I want a credit then told me it will be extended from Nov. 2021 to Dec. 2021 she had the balls to ask me if I wanted a promotional Subscription to Magnolia Magazine!! I told her no! I’m barely getting what I want now but she disregarded me and rushed me off as saying something as I was so disturbed to remember what that was but it was in no way proper to conclude the call!

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