Purchased performance enhancing chip from PCD (performancechipdirect). Instructions for installation were pretty easy, just splice in Two wires into the cars wiring harness. The claims on the website are increases of 4-7 MPG and up to 60 HP. They have disclaimers stating your results may vary. After ordering the Phase 1 chip advertised for $69.99 I received email alerting me to contact one of their sales agents about special prices on open stock merchandise that would work well with what I ordered. The sales agent informed me the to get the results that were advertised that I would have to purchase a phase 3 upgrade for an additional $229, a savings of $100. I was informed that the Phase 1, without phase 3 would only give me 1-2 MPG and 10 HP. I told the sales rep that it sounded like a bait and switch scam and he erroneously told me the info about the differences between the Phases were explained on the site. I installed the performance chip after consulting the wiring diagram for my car and the installation instructions to make sure I was splicing into the correct wires. After installation the Check Engine light on my dash immediately came on when I started my car. The car misfired bucked and barely would run. I reinstalled the product just in case I didn’t make proper connections but to no avail. I called the supplied number and spoke to a tech about the problems I was having. He transferred me back to someone who issued me a return authorization number and an address for the return. The authorization number was only good for 12 days so it ended up costing me $7 to mail the chip back and insure it got back in time. Surprisingly enough, I did get a refund on my CC of $44.99. Nowhere did it mention a $25 restocking/processing fee. I enquired about the fee using the email line from their website that states all inquiries are responded to in less than 24 hrs. Lies again, no responses.. I demand Full refund for defective parts. Stay away

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